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LCDA is a community of Hispanics/Latinos at the highest levels of corporate leadership that are committed to paying it forward.

Our mission is to develop, support, and increase the number of Hispanics/Latinos on corporate boards. LCDA's strategy to accelerate Latino placements on corporate boards is focused on three areas:

Tune In Above: Esther Aguilera, CEO, Latino Corporate Directors Association and Luis Ubiñas, Former President, Ford Foundation speak about the importance of Latino representation at the executive level with Bloomberg’s James Ellis at the Bloomberg Equality Summit. (Source: Bloomberg)

Please join us in welcoming our newest board aspiring members (pictured below) to the Latino Corporate Directors Association (LCDA)!

LCDA is a community of US Latinos at the highest levels of corporate leadership. Our mission is to develop, support, and increase the number of US Latinos on corporate boards. As leaders in this space, we’re honored to continue to identify and build the pipeline of qualified Latino talent primed for the boardroom.

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