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2022 BoardWise Virtual

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LCDA's BoardWise Virtual Sessions are a series of interactive sessions highlighting trends board leaders need to know about. The sessions take place in the spring and summer of each year, featuring panel discussions, fireside chats, and other formats designed to engage and inform LCDA members on critical governance topics.


Update on the State of Latino Board Representation

WHEN: Wednesday June 1

TIME: 3:30 - 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time

Recent reports from LCDA and KPMG revealed that, as of June 30, 2021, Latinos make up 3.7% of Fortune 1000 board seats, a .5% increase since 2020, one of the largest seen since LCDA started tracking Latinos on the F1000. Progress is happening but it is slow and, at this growth rate, it will take more than 30 more years for Latinos to achieve F1000 board representation equal to their current national population size.

Join us for this session to learn about the trends and impact of recent drives to push for board diversity, to discover what is and isn‘t working, and what the outlook looks like for Latino growth on boards. Following the data presentation and panel discussion, LCDA members will be invited to break into small groups to share practical tips on what LCDA and its members can do to have a greater impact on increasing Latino board representation. Don‘t miss this opportunity to learn how you are key to driving this change.


NOTE: This session is exclusive to LCDA members and partners.

Members can register by logging into their Member Portal or by emailing Wendy Sturley, Director of Content and Events at

Latinas in the Workplace
Wednesday, May 25: 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm ET

With the COVID-19 pandemic, women in corporate America are even more burned out than they were in the past—and increasingly more so than men, according to the latest Women in the Workplace report from McKinsey & Co. Women of color, in particular, are losing ground as their representation has fallen off relative to white men, white women, and men of color at every step in the corporate pipeline, leaving them severely underrepresented at the top. Latina women reported having less flexibility when it comes to their time at work and spending more time on housework and caregiving tasks than other women, with 43 percent saying they spend more than five hours per week on household tasks, versus 34 percent of women overall. What does this mean for the pipeline for future Latina C-level and director positions?

Join us for this session that will report on the data from the report and feature a panel of LCDA leaders discussing what this means for Latinas and what needs to be done to ensure that Latinas take their place as leaders in the US business community.

Invitation only event for LCDA Members and Partners. Members can register by logging into their Member Portal. Others can email for more information.

Update on Proposed SEC Regulation Changes

Wednesday, April 6: 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm ET

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is considering a slate of roughly 50 proposed rule changes, with a handful in the final regulatory stage that could be adopted soon. Environmental issues  are at the forefront of the proposals, with the SEC recently issuing long-awaited proposed rules that would require specific new types of climate change disclosures. 

What do board leaders need to know about these proposals and what’s coming over the horizon? Join us for a fireside chat with former SEC commissioners, followed by a deep-dive with a guest speaker and expert on the proposed climate change regulations, to learn what questions you should be asking your executives to ensure they’re ready for these changes.



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Featured Speaker

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By Invitation Only - LCDA Members and LCDA Partners

The Economic State of Latinos in America: The Opportunity Gap

Thursday, March 24: 3:00 pm - 4:15 pm ET

McKinsey & Company's Hispanic & Latino Economic Forum (HLEF), in partnership with LCDA, is hosting our first virtual session of the year, The Economic State of Latinos in America: The Opportunity Gapto share the results of McKinsey's latest research on this topic. In this session, McKinsey Senior Partner, Lucy Perez, will present the findings of the report, followed by a panel of LCDA members discussing how corporate directors, corporate leaders, and investors can utilize these findings to propel growth by investing in the power and potential of the U.S. Latino community.

There is a multi-trillion-dollar opportunity gap. The Latino community could be an even greater engine of economic growth in this country, if only more opportunities were available to them. One important finding: "In a situation of parity, Latino businesses could generate an additional $2.3 trillion in total revenue each year, and 735,000 new business could be created supporting 6.6 million new jobs."


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