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LCDA is a community of US Latinos at the highest levels of corporate leadership that are committed to paying it forward.

Our mission is to develop, support, and increase the number of US Latinos on corporate boards. LCDA's strategy to accelerate Latino placements on corporate boards is focused on three areas:

Tune In Above: LCDA CEO, Esther Aguilera; Baroness Helena Morrissey DBE, Founder, 30% Club and Chair, The Diversity Project; and Darren Walker, President, Ford Foundation and Partner, The Board Diversity Action Alliance talk to Bloomberg Senior Executive Editor David Merritt at the Bloomberg Equality Summit about diversifying corporate boardrooms. (Source: Bloomberg)

As part of its commitment to prepare and grow the supply of Latino board talent, the Latino Corporate Directors Education Foundation (LCDEF), will launch its 2021 Fall BoardReady Institute (BRI). We are proud to welcome the largest cohort to date comprised of 65 aspiring directors to participate in premier BRI programming.

This program is addressing a critical gap by shattering the perceptions that there‘s a lack of board-ready talent. No other programming of this scope is focused on accelerating the development and placement of Latino board-qualified executives on corporate boards, stated Dolores Kunda, LCDEF Board Co-Chair.

>> Learn more about The BoardReady Institute (BRI) and how it's positioning Latino Executives for Corporate Board Service:

>> Connect with our newest Latino Executives:

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