BRI Curriculum

The unique, four-part approach prepares extremely busy executives for success. The comprehensive approach includes: 
1.  A toolkit that helps executives map their journey to the boardroom: These toolkit sessions and resources assist executives with a roadmap to building a strong board profile, effectively communicate their value proposition, and develop a focused strategy for their board journey. They also hear from and are coached by search firm executives and LCDA Director Members with insights about what companies are looking for and best approaches.
2. Corporate Governance workshops by Latino corporate directors and leading experts: The BRI curriculum prepares executives for boardroom excellence. The in-person and virtual sessions offer corporate governance programming with an overview of director duties and navigating the governance and risk landscape. Executives are exposed to the role of the Board from the perspective of the CEO, investors, and regulators. The curriculum focuses on technical and soft skills and also draws on top corporate and industry experts as panelists.

3. Coaching and extensive board-level networking: The program exposes executives to an exclusive network of Latino directors and coaches as members of LCDA. The fall BRI also runs just prior to the annual LCDA Board Leaders Convening which offers quality networking opportunities and exposures them to corporate directors, CEOs, search firm executives, and other influencers. Executives also benefit from access to exclusive invitations to virtual coaching circles, member breakout sessions during quarterly meetings, and other national and regional networking opportunities where experienced directors share insight and lessons learned. Furthermore, one-on-one coaching if offered to executives by connecting them with Latino directors or key influencers from their industry to receive guidance, support and direction on their journey to the boardroom.
4. Promoting their profiles for board opportunities: By amplifying and positioning our aspiring directors' profiles, they increase their odds of connecting with and seeking out board opportunities. Executives are also provided a playbook for how to amplify and raise their profile through our search firm and private equity partners, social media, speaking opportunities and forums, and by sharing their stories with media partners. LCDA is also leading the way to increase demand and grow opportunities to place more new Latinos on corporate boards by working proactively with corporations, search firms, institutional investors, and other allies. LCDA refers their profiles and provides them greater exposure among key influencers.